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Dragon Host

A Multiplayer Virtual Tabletop

Dragon host is a tabletop role playing map maker and multiplayer tool. It allows a Game Master (GM) to generate, save, load, and share maps with connected players in real time. The GM can assign tokens to the players allowing them to take control of their own characters.

Designed to be quick and dirty, Dragon Host is not a pretty tool but instead is built to allow the GM to draw out maps as quickly as they would on paper or dry erase sheets. It has no character sheet integrations but it does allow users to track health and damage per token, as well as a built in die roller for all the standard role playing dice.

Its simplicity allows it to be used with nearly any role playing system since it doesn’t track character sheets internally. Tokens can be used to represent players, armies, spaceships, anything the user can imagine.

Best yet, Dragon Host is FREE! As tabletop game masters ourselves we here at Stellar Knights know how hard it is to judge a virtual table top without giving it a try, much less getting your players to buy it, so we made Dragon Host free so you don’t need to pay anything to download or play. There are no paid restrictions nor micro-transactions in Dragon Host. The only thing we ask is that if you find yourself enjoying it, consider donating a dollar to our Patreon so we can continue to support it!

Note: Dragon Host is currently in early access! As such we welcome all the feedback you can give us. If you run into any bugs or have suggestions for us, please visit the forums here:

Download the Dragon Host Client!


Below is the list of features we are planning to add in the near future. It's not a complete list, and being on the list doesn’t guarantee we will get to them. If there is a feature you really want to see, visit our forms and tell us!

Import External Maps

The ability to import external .png map images into dragon host, and automatically scale them to the grid, then replicate them over the network.

Players can technically already use external maps by modding them in as props or floors, but this would streamline the process.

Support Mac & Mobile Devices

Support for Apple computers should be coming in the near future.

Support for mobile devices may take a bit longer as we will need to rebuild the user interface from scratch to support touch screens. It is something we want to be able to support though.

Working Doors

Door entities that can be clicked by the GM to open and close them. Just makes it slightly easier to show where the players have gone and whether the monsters can get through or not.

Automatic Line of Sight un-hiding

Automatically un-hide things for a player based on their position and line of sight. Possibly require the GM to select a target token and click an LOS button that way players can’t just move their characters into invalid positions and see everything.

Optimally this would respect the working doors mentioned above.

Draw Rooms Tool

A tool to allow users to draw rooms with a single click using the currently selected wall.

Floor Fill Tool

A tool to allow flood filling a room with a given floor type.

Text Entities

The ability for the GM to place down text into the world. Useful for marking buildings N’ such. Can be hidden just like anything else.


The ability for the GM to save selected objects as a template. Saved templates can then be retrieved with a new templates button along the left side of the screen that lets them drop whole buildings n' such back into the game.

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